What do you know about coffee generally? Are you an expert or a simple consumer every morning? Be at the cutting edge of coffee with 7 things to know about it:

  1. Coffee is the first foodstuff exchanged in the world;
  2. There are two coffee categories in the world: the Robusta (20% of the market) and the Arabica (80% of the market);
  3. An American study, published in 2014, has shown that consuming coffee could decrease the risk of tinnitus;
  4. To enjoy a perfect espresso, your coffee cup must be in the shape of an eggshell. This will allow the crema to maintain its perfect structure!
  5. A full cup of espresso contains only 2 calories! As much as a tic tac!
  6. The two cats with the longest life record (34 & 38 years old) both drank two cups of coffee a day!
  7. Coffee likes cold temperatures and can be preserved in the freezer.